Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

A yoga bali teacher training to an ashram is often undertaken to achieve spiritual growth and self-discovery. It is also a place of worship, peace and learning. It consists of buildings for eating, sleeping, studying and practicing yoga. An ashram is often run by monks or other yogis. It is also a place where one can learn ancient ayurvedic cooking and take part in ancient religious rituals.

Whether you are interested in Yoga Teacher Training in Goa or just want to enjoy a peaceful beach holiday there is an ashram for you. There are many different types of ashrams and they all have their own special features. Some are more traditional while others are very modern.

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The one thing they all have in common is a love for the soul of humankind. This love is shared by all the people who visit the ashrams. It is this love which attracts people from all over the world. In the ashram every person is treated as a family member. Each person is given their due share of the daily chores. They are asked to perform their sevas as a way of contributing to the welfare of the ashram. They are also reminded of their targets in the spiritual journey and encouraged to keep up their good work.

This ashram is located on the quiet Polem beach and it is a wonderful place to be. This is one of the best yoga retreats in Goa for yogis of all levels and it offers a full all inclusive experience. This includes ensuite accommodation, daily yoga classes and airport pick up and drop off. They have amazing international teachers and also offer a range of other wellness programs.