How Much Does Telescopic Handler Training Cost?

If you want to operate a forklift, it is important that you receive the necessary training and certification. This is because heavy machinery like telehandlers can be dangerous when operated by people who have not been trained. However, how much does telescopic handler training cost? This article takes a look at the cost of telehandler training and highlights some of the factors that affect it.

What Is a Telehandler?

A telescopic handler training cost , which is also known as a rough terrain forklift or boom lift, is a piece of construction equipment that can reach places on a site that would be hard to get to with other types of forklift. It has a larger base and body than a forklift, and its telescopic arm can extend to a variety of different attachments. This means that telehandlers can be used to move loads across a site, or even double as cranes for lifting workers to height.

Telescopic Handler Training Cost: Factors and Considerations

The costs of telehandler training vary depending on whether you are taking a full novice course or an experienced operator assessment. For example, Vally Plant Training notes that a CPCS or NPORS accredited novice course usually runs for five days, while an experienced operator test typically takes one day.

Regardless of the exact length of your course, it is crucial that you take it with an approved training provider to ensure that you will receive the highest standard of instruction. This will not only help to ensure your safety but will also open doors to job roles that you may not have been able to apply for without the relevant qualifications and certification.