Different Types of Playground Surfacing in Kent

playground surfacing kent

There is an extensive range of playground surfacing kent available that can improve the safety of your play area and provide a more natural appearance. They are also ideal for limiting the impact of falls, protecting the ground underneath and helping to meet critical fall heights which guarantees children’s safety. These surfaces can be installed in various depths and a shockpad is usually added to improve the impact absorbing qualities. They can also be laid in a range of colours to match existing outdoor facilities and the school environment.

Child Safety First: The Importance of Playground Surfacing in London

The most popular impact absorbing surface is wet pour, which is made of 2 levels that combine an impact absorbing structure along with a colourful top course. This surface is cost effective and can be laid over most existing surfaces including asphalt or tarmac. It is also eco-friendly as it uses a recycled rubber base and is often made from reusable materials. A more natural-appearing option is rubber mulch which can be laid on the grass or over a wood fibre layer to help blend in with outdoor areas. A law mat is another surfacing solution in Kent that allows the natural grass to grow through but limits the wear to the surface under the equipment.

Loose fill safer surfacing is less costly to install than Wet Pour or tiles but will require regular raking and topping up to maintain the correct level of safety. This surfacing is best used for the soft fall zones around playground equipment and can be combined with many units to create a natural looking area.