Using Descriptive Anchor Text in Your Links

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Unless you are a very old webmaster who believes in inflating search engine rankings by tricking the engines using keywords (which we don’t, by the way) it’s a good idea to use descriptive anchor text. It tells the engines what you are linking to and helps them determine the relevance of that page. It also lets the users know what they are about to click on. Find out click-here

Most people don’t read your entire piece of content, they scan it. This means they may not see your ‘click here’ link as it doesn’t stand out in the text like it should. Using distinct styling, such as color or underlining, is the best way to make links stand out.

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But even that doesn’t always work for everyone. Screen reader software and other assistive technologies are becoming increasingly popular for mobile devices and can be used to access websites via keyboard navigation or voice recognition. Using generic links such as “click here” doesn’t help these users because they must remember which ‘here’ is the one they need to click on.

A better solution is to replace ‘click here’ with a keyword or the actual title of the destination page. This helps the search engines and the users. It also makes the links more interesting for the users and doesn’t give them a bad impression that you are trying to spam them with keywords. This kind of approach will likely be a big part of the future of SEO.