Sin City Seeds Review

sin city seeds

About Sin City Seeds

In 2010, a group of underground Las Vegas breeders joined forces with a shared goal: to revolutionize grower’s perceptions of medical marijuana in seed form. They combined their individual talents, skills and extensive collections of elite clones and strains to create one-of-a-kind cannabis varieties capable of yielding never before seen results.

With nearly two sin city seeds of cultivation experience under their belts, the team at sin city seeds have established themselves as world renowned cultivators. They believe in the importance of implementing organic beliefs into their productions, and are committed to continuously learning and improving. This commitment has helped them to develop high-quality seeds with optimal THC and CBD levels, ensuring the ultimate growing success for their customers.

Whether you’re looking for an Indica or Sativa dominant variety, Sin City Seeds has got it covered. Their robust collection of cannabis strains includes a wide variety of flavors, aromas and effects. Their strains also offer a variety of THC and CBD contents, from moderate to high levels.

Sowing Success: Unveiling the Secrets of Sin City Seeds

A devilish cross of Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) and Blue Power, this potent indica-dominant hybrid is known to be outrageously coated in crystals, and to bestow growers with flavorful nugs that are uniquely distinct from the fan-favorite Cookies strain. A blend of lemons, berries and kush flavors combine for a mouthwatering sensory journey that’s sure to knock you out at the end of your session. This strain’s THC content is typically a bit higher than average, hitting upwards of 16% when grown to its full potential.