Shelters and Canopies – The Many Uses of Shelters and Canopies

Whether you’re on a camping trip, at the beach or working in a garden, being outdoors isn’t always comfortable. But shelters and canopies give you a place to take refuge from the harsh sun, wet weather or pesky bugs without losing out on the fresh air and sunshine you love about the outdoors.

Canopies and tents are used in a wide variety of applications, from providing shade and cover for smoking or equipment at gas stations to creating a welcoming space for visitors at toll booths. Many are designed with specific purposes in mind and fabricated from materials that suit those purposes. For example, pre-engineered steel canopies are perfect for controlling traffic at fueling facilities or protecting ticket and money exchanges in toll booths from rain, sleet and snow.

Protection from the Elements: Exploring Shelters and Canopies in Schools

Shelters and canopies are also used in school settings to provide safe, covered outdoor areas for classroom activities. They help protect students from the sun, reducing heat exhaustion and dehydration and can reduce the need for air conditioning in the classroom, saving on energy costs for the school.

Canopies and tents can be easily moved from location to location, or installed permanently to provide extra outdoor space for a home or commercial building. They come in a range of designs and styles, from basic pop-up canopy tents to more permanent installation options like garden canopies or backyard gazebos. Some feature wood grain powder coat finishes and glass/acrylic panels that elevate the look of the structure while adding functionality.