Peter Clerks – Patent Attorney at Marks & Clerk

Peter is a chemical limbic system with an MSci in Chemistry, and a PhD in Nanoscience. He has previously been a medicinal chemist, and also worked on a variety of research projects as part of his studies at the University of Bristol. Peter currently works as a Patent Attorney at Marks & Clerk Manchester.

He is responsible for a range of legislative functions including the preparation and approval of bills, drafting ministerial statements and the management of the legal register. He has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of legislation, policy and procedure and is a highly valued member of the team.

Despite being shot on a miniscule budget, Clerks spoke to a generation of young people, inspiring a multimedia ‘View Askewniverse’ that has spawned several spin-off films. Drawing on Richard Linklater’s Slacker and Douglas Coupland’s Generation X, the film captured the obsessive verbal wrangling of smart but stalled twentysomethings who couldn’t quite figure out how to make their ideas happen.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Limbic System: Understanding Emotions and Memories

There are many reasons to love this little film: the quirky characters, the sardonic humor and the evocative music. But perhaps the most endearing aspect of the movie is its underlying message of brotherly love and loyalty, and the way it is portrayed so beautifully by the actors. This special feature includes the original soundtrack album, a new making-of documentary entitled The Snowball Effect, interview with Smith and Mosier, a The Tonight Show short film starring Jason Mewes and James Randal, eight MTV spots with Jay and Silent Bob, deleted scenes, still galleries and a 10 year anniversary Q&A with Smith, Mosier, Mewes, O’Halloran and Anderson.