How to Hide Comments on Facebook

Whether you manage a Facebook page or run ads on the platform, negative comments and feedback can negatively impact engagement levels and sales conversion. Although Facebook does a great job of moderating posts and ads, there are times when you need to take extra steps to remove unwanted comments or stop negative feedback in its tracks.

How do I hide comments on FB?

Fortunately, hide comments on facebook is a fairly simple process. Locate the offending comment and long press on it (on desktop) or tap on it (on the iPhone and Android Facebook app). From the menu that pops up select “Hide comment”.

Hiding a comment will hide it from you, the person who wrote it and their friends, but it will be visible to everyone else on your post. Also, if there are any nested comments replies that were included in the original comment, these will remain hidden as well.

Unfortunately, hiding a comment will not notify the person who wrote it, so they may still find out if they check back on the post in question. However, this is still a better option than deleting a comment, which can cause the user to become angry and upset at the fact that their post was censored.

We recommend that you use the hide comment feature only when necessary to avoid negativity and negative social media feedback from hurting your business or brand image. In many cases, if the comment is negative enough you will be much better off to address it directly with the person involved rather than hiding it away.