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Groovy Hues of Greater Knoxville a clean, modern look with stylish shower doors. They can transform a standard shower into a luxurious spa-like room. Shower doors come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your tastes. You can find framed or frameless options to suit your space, as well as sliding or hinged choices. To learn more about the different options available, check out our Shower Door Buying Guide.

Ensure your new shower doors are the correct size by measuring your space before installing them. Precise measurements help prevent water leakage and ensure that the hardware fits correctly. Always buy doors certified to uphold common safety standards. Also, choose a glass coating that resists rust and hard-water buildup.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, wait until the tile or surround installation is complete before measuring for a shower door. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a door that doesn’t fit the opening.

Sliding doors are a great option for bathrooms with limited space, as they can save room by rolling easily over one another on a track. They’re also easier to clean and maintain than hinged doors, which require more space to open.

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Whether you’re looking for a fully framed or semi-frameless shower door, we have an extensive selection of options from top brands like MAAX, Arizona, and OVE Decors. We’ve also got a wide variety of finishes, from chrome to brushed nickel, so you can get the exact style you want for your home. Our professional painting contractors and power wash services can help you bring a beautiful new look to your home or office, so contact us today!

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